Indonesian Ministry


What a joy it has been to witness God's redeeming grace at work in some of the hearts of those whom God has led us to! Some of the seeds that were sown about thirty years ago are still bringing forth fruit. Although it has taken years for God’s work in some of the hearts to mature, it has always been our conviction and privilege to be faithful to plant the seed of God’s Word in the hearts of men—being assured that our God will give the increase!

Today, it is our privilege to continue the work begun. Our missionary teams have been faithful to plant, water, and cultivate the seeds sown in Indonesia. We are deeply grateful for all that God has done, and for the joy of seeing precious souls coming to Christ, and being freed from sin, have peace with God!

Not too far from the shores of Singapore lies the Indonesian archipelago. The burden for the people on those islands begun early in our ministry, and lives on—our church members still make weekly trips by boat to the islands to preach God’s Word.

Our missionary work in Indonesia was blessed with the provision of the Utusan Injil—"Messenger of the Gospel"—and missionary trips were made from island to island. Although we longed to minister to every single village, we knew that was an impossible task. While we earnestly prayed for God to lead us in specific ways to every village where we stopped, God also brought individuals to us in special ways. It was during one of the many boat trips to the islands that a man walked up to your missionary and asked, "What is a man like you doing in a place like this?" Through the interpreter, he was given the answer, "I came to tell your people how to have peace with God." God opened the door to not only reach this man, but his island village as well!

Indonesian ministry