Filipina Outreach


Over the past twenty years, God has been faithful to bring many Filipinas our way. Many in our church have also caught the vision and share the burden for the Filipinas. The ladies of our church make weekly trips to the Lucky Plaza, a popular gathering place for Filipinas, to meet and witness to those they meet. It has been our privilege to share the Gospel with them,  helping many of them to really know Christ.

But God's redeeming grace did not stop there! Many Filipinas, upon returning home, brought the Gospel to their loved ones. What a joy it has been to see the seeds that were sown in the hearts of the Filipinas bearing fruit even in the Philippines! We are grateful to witness all that God has done, to hear of broken relationships being restored, and to see families finding new life in Christ. Our church members take regular mission trips to the Philippines to minister to these dear ones.

Our outreach to the Filipinas still continues. Every Lord’s Day afternoon, these ladies find spiritual encouragement in meeting together and in fellowship with one another. Our church also hosts a special outreach every December 25th to meet with and establish a personal relationship with some of the many Filipinas living and working in Singapore.

When God brought Cliff and Eloise to Singapore in 1968, they had little idea that through Singapore, they would reach many other Southeast Asian nations would be reached. The Philippines is one of the many countries God has privileged our church to reach out to.

Sok Geok, one of our faithful laborers in Christ, was a teenager when she realized that although she was very religious, she was unable to live a righteous life. When she understood that Christ is the only One Who can give her power over sin, she gladly surrendered her heart to Him. Since that day, her heart has been deeply burdened for others, especially for Filipinas, thousands of whom come to find employment in Singapore, and many of whom are as religious as she was!

Filipina ministry
2018 Dec 25 Group Photo