Our Beginnings


Cliff and Eloise Hunnicutt served the Lord in India from 1965 until God directed them to Singapore in 1968. Although they were prepared to live and die in India, God had far more in mind—the establishment of ministries for all of Southeast Asia and beyond.

Beginning their work among Chinese Singaporeans and through the preaching of God’s Truth, “many turned to God from idols, to serve the living and true God” (1 Thessalonians 1:9). The Harvester Baptist Church in Singapore was born and became the center of their outreach ministries to Southeast Asia.

At the corner of the street of their new apartment in Singapore stood an old two-story hotel building. Cliff always looked admiringly at the building and frequently said to Eloise, “I wish we had a place as spacious as that for the Lord’s work.”She usually nodded in agreement, but on one occasion, she calmly replied, “I believe God will give us that building if we only trust Him.”Cliff was stunned, but several days later, he cried out, “Yes, Lord—I will trust YOU to bring it to pass! I WILL trust YOU!”

Ten years later, the property became available. After ten years of patient trust and difficult negotiations, the contract was signed, transferring the hotel ownership into our church.Faithful churches and families gave sacrificially to help, and God proved His faithfulness in many convincing ways. What was once the hotel’s dance floor became a place of prayer and worship. Praise be to God for the transformation!

From all across Asia, thousands of men and women come to live and work in Singapore, opening many doors of service for our church. God has broadened our outreach to other lands such as Burma, Thailand, the Philippines, China and elsewhere. It has been a privilege to train and equip these men and their families in the Singapore Church. Leaving us, they have returned to take the Gospel to their homelands, even training others as we trained them, multiplying this ministry in ways only God could have planned!

We would love for you to visit Harvester Baptist Church and see what God is doing here.