Sailor’s Ministry


Since then, countless sailors and members of the U.S. Navy have visited our "Haven of Rest." Our program of spiritual help for sailors is full and varied. Groups of sailors are taken on what has become known as our "Temple Tours". Surveying the various religions of Asia that are represented in Singapore's multiracial society gives us the best opportunity to teach the sailors the preeminence of Christ over all other religions. Seeing idolatry first hand  grips their hearts and urges them on to deeper Christian living.

Preaching and teaching sessions, testimonies, and personal counsel are also our priorities. It has been our privilege to reach many individuals from the different ships that come our way. Years after ships leave Singapore, we often receive letters of gratitude and even visits from individuals who remember our Harvester "Haven of Rest." We are deeply grateful for all that the Lord has done!

Walking down a busy sidewalk in downtown Singapore, Missionary Cliff Hunnicutt and his son Clifford were heartbroken at the sight of a young, intoxicated American sailor.  He was leaning on the arms of two prostitutes that were obviously intent on robbing the poor young man and no doubt leaving him with an unwanted disease as well. Right there on the sidewalk, Cliff, a former U.S. Navy sailor himself, and his son bowed their heads and wept before the Lord. That night, they pledged as a family that they would do everything possible to reach as many U.S. sailors for Christ as they possibly could when U.S. ships are docked in Singapore's port. Cliff quickly prepared a printed brochure containing a personal invitation to a home-cooked southern meal and the promise of warm, Christian encouragement. On the cover of the folder were the words: "Welcome to the Haven of Rest for Sailors in Singapore." The Harvester Haven of Rest Ministry was born on that sidewalk in 1968 and has been alive in the hearts of our missionaries and this church every since that day!