Older Mother’s Meeting


What a blessing it has been to watch the fulfillment of that promise! Over the years, Eloise has faithfully reached out to many young adults and teenagers. Many of them have come to know the Lord. These converts have been a light to their families in their idolatrous homes. Many mothers have been affected by their daughters' changed lives and have been drawn to the love of Christ in them.

Our ministry to elderly Chinese mothers continues. Some have since gone on to be with the Lord, but we know they are in a far better place! Each one has been a tremendous testimony to the grace and power of God!

While traveling down the streets of Singapore one day, Eloise Hunnicutt was deeply moved by the scenes of Chinese women kneeling, their hands clasped while praying to their idols. She longed to tell these individuals of the true and living God—the One Who can hear and answer prayers! Deeply burdened, she cried out to the Lord, "Lord, how will I ever reach these mothers since I cannot even speak their language?" One day, while she was ministering to some students, the Lord spoke to her, "It is through these young ladies—their daughters—that you will reach the mothers!"