Singles' Fellowship

The Singapore Church is blessed with a large group of single adults. Most of these are faithful church members who originally came as teenagers. Coming from idolatrous homes, they now have a zeal to help spread the Gospel across Asia. These men and ladies faithfully serve in their secular jobs to give their best to support the work of God in our church and around the world.  They are also actively involved in the various ministries of the church—teaching in the children and youth ministries and serving on different committees of the church.


The Single Ladies


The Single Ladies gather once a month for a meaningful time of fellowship and spiritual encouragement. From studying different books of the Bible to discussing specific challenges our singles face, these meetings give our singles opportunities to interact and share insights gleaned from the Bible and their own personal experiences.


“The Single Ladies' Fellowship has a very special place in my heart. God never fails to meet a need or send a word of encouragement through the hymns we sing or through what is shared. It always is a blessing to experience God’s presence personally, both in the meeting and in the fellowship. I always leave each gathering refreshed and renewed.”


The Single Men's Bible Study







The Single Men's Bible Study




Single Ladies’ Fellowship

First Friday of the month

8:00 pm